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Everything you need to succeed


View all employee ratings

Customer feedback alone is a useful tool, but doesn't provide you with clear, trackable data and valuable insights into how your employees are performing. evalyou8 collects submitted feedback on individual staff members, which is then added to their evalyou8 score. Staff can apply evalyou8's rating system to keep updated on their personal progress and use the data to further develop their skills. Likewise, companies can combine all employee ratings to provide a complete overview of your business' customer satisfaction.  


Ratings leaderboard

evalyou8 is not limited to individual ratings. When using evalyou8, employers can view and examine the ratings of any staff member and see how they are progressing.  


User management

Simply invite your team members individually to join or via a bulk user upload CSV file and they can start sharing their unique feedback URL straightaway wherever you have contact points with customers or clients. 


Email settings

Email settings allow managers to customise the emails that are sent to staff with ready-made email templates that trigger a notification email to the employee when a customer completes a feedback form, letting them know the quality of the service they have received immediately.

And there's more

Because little details matter.

Reward Staff

Customer ratings collated by evalyou8 can be used in staff appraisals or to reward staff for exemplary service.

Get Creative

Individual feedback links can be placed anywhere that accepts a URL so are not restricted to just email signatures.

Easy Customisation

Customise your feedback form with your company logo and branding. This allows you to tailor evalyou8 specifically to your business.

Affordable Monitoring

evalyou8 pricing bands allow you to monitor, reward or improve the customer satisfaction ratings your staff receive in a cost-effective way.